Definition of "batch" []

  • An amount produced at one baking: a batch of cookies. (noun)
  • A quantity required for or produced as the result of one operation: made a batch of cookie dough; mixed a batch of cement. (noun)
  • A group of persons or things: a batch of tourists; a whole new batch of problems. (noun)
  • Computer Science A set of data or jobs to be processed in a single program run. (noun)
  • To assemble or process as a batch. (verb-transitive)
  • A group or set of usually similar objects or people, esp if sent off, handled, or arriving at the same time (noun)

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  • The bread, cakes, etc, produced at one baking (noun)
  • The amount of a material needed for an operation (noun)
  • A tall loaf having a close texture and a thick crust on the top and bottom, baked as part of a batch: the sides of each loaf are greased so that they will pull apart after baking to have pale crumby sides; made esp in Scotland and Ireland (noun)
  • To group (items) for efficient processing (verb)
  • To handle by batch processing (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "batch" in a sentence
  • "Using the term batch mode here can be misleading, since the GNU Emacs Manual says:"
  • "The most interesting domain in the batch is a domain for an Ant-Man movie: ANT-MAN-THEMOVIE. COM."
  • "My favorite discovery included in this batch is a band called Eluveitie (pronounced El-way-tea)."