Definition of "barn" []

  • A large farm building used for storing farm products and sheltering livestock. (noun)
  • A large shed for the housing of vehicles, such as railroad cars. (noun)
  • A particularly large, typically bare building: lived in a barn of a country house. (noun)
  • Physics A unit of area equal to 10-24 square centimeters, used to measure cross sections in nuclear physics. (noun)
  • A large farm outbuilding, used chiefly for storing hay, grain, etc, but also for housing livestock (noun)

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  • A large shed for sheltering railroad cars, trucks, etc (noun)
  • Any large building, esp an unattractive one (noun)
  • Relating to a system of poultry farming in which birds are allowed to move freely within a barn (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "barn" in a sentence
  • "*pondurs combynin teh dairee barn an teh nawtee barn*"
  • "If you've lived in the West very long, you may be familiar with the term barn dance, but I'll bet you've never heard of this one - a riding demonstration, art show and sale, silent auction, live entertainment and a dinner / dance held in an indoor arena, all during the same evening."
  • "And the work inside the barn is about bending the limitations of wood."