Definition of "barbel" [bar•bel]

  • One of the slender, whiskerlike tactile organs extending from the head of certain fishes, such as catfishes. Also called barb1. (noun)
  • Any of several Old World freshwater fish of the genus Barbus, especially B. barbus, having four barbels on its upper jaw. (noun)

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Use "barbel" in a sentence
  • "It lacks teeth, lacks the chin barbel, has a non-functional gut, and is dark brown rather than black."
  • "The female sports small eyes, a chin barbel, and long fang-like teeth, which are used for catching its primary food item - other fishes."
  • "A useful aid to hygiene is keeping a few predacious fish, such as barbel (Clarias spp.), in each pool to clean up scraps of uneaten food."