Definition of "balsa" [bal•sa]

  • A tropical American tree (Ochroma pyramidale) having wood that is soft, very light in weight, and that is used as a substitute for cork in insulation, floats, and crafts such as model airplanes. (noun)
  • The wood of this tree. Also called corkwood. (noun)
  • A raft consisting of a frame fastened to buoyant cylinders of wood or metal. (noun)

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Use "balsa" in a sentence
  • "Cuban martyrdom is not new - whether we speak of those Don Quixotes who took up arms against the revolution early on, the many would-be Mandelas who rotted in prison or the families who perished on boats fleeing the island, giving a moral meaning to the Spanish word balsa "(raft)."
  • "Taking a little float of reeds, called a balsa, they work their way outside the heavy rollers, then watch their opportunity and get their balsa pointed in towards the"
  • "This is the kind of balsa-wood backstory that is knocked into Hollywood plots every day. as tidy and punctual as postage stamps"