Definition of "bago" [bago]

  • A name in the Philippine Islands of Gnetum Gnemon, an evergreen shrub or small tree with jointed, knotty branches, opposite leaves, and catkin-like inflorescence. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "bago" in a sentence
  • "This "bago" is neither Touarghee, nor Ghadamsee, nor Arabic, although used by persons speaking almost exclusively these languages."
  • "Note 122: Proto-Wami * - bago "forest or bush covered land"; e.g., in Zigua mbago ma - "a wood or forest." back"
  • "I think the thrill killers would be unable to mislead, and that the ones who had reflected on these issues in a more Christian way would understand why they were being asked, and would probably have useful replies that I could not even begin to guess, but what like to see and read in the media. bago"