Definition of "badness" []

  • Not good; of poor quality; inadequate; inferior (adjective)
  • Lacking skill or talent; incompetent (adjective)
  • Harmful (adjective)
  • Immoral; evil (adjective)
  • Naughty; mischievous; disobedient (adjective)
  • Rotten; decayed; spoiled (adjective)
  • Severe; intense (adjective)
  • Incorrect; wrong; faulty (adjective)
  • Ill or in pain (esp in the phrase feel bad) (adjective)
  • Regretful, sorry, or upset (esp in the phrase feel bad about) (adjective)
  • Unfavourable; distressing (adjective)
  • Offensive; unpleasant; disagreeable (adjective)
  • Not valid or sound; void (adjective)
  • Not recoverable (adjective)
  • Good; excellent (adjective)
  • Unfortunate or unpleasant events collectively (often in the phrase take the bad with the good) (noun)
  • An immoral or degenerate state (often in the phrase go to the bad) (noun)
  • The debit side of an account (noun)
  • Badly (adverb)
  • The quality of being bad. (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016 : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "badness" in a sentence
  • "My badness is also well documented and laid bare for the world to see. heather Said,"
  • "The fact, as already pointed on here, is that kids attain badness, only a tiny number are born bad."
  • "All this badness is clearly stemming from our wonderful executive branch."