Definition of "babbitted" []

  • To line (a bearing) or face (a surface) with Babbitt metal or a similar soft alloy (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "babbitted" in a sentence
  • "The lower guide-bearing (Fig. 6) is simply a sleeve flanged at one end, babbitted on the inside, and slightly tapered on the outside where it fits into the base."
  • "On turbines running at 1800 revolutions per minute or under, a split babbitted bearing is used, as shown in Figs. 42a and 42b."
  • "The thrust of the disc from the main friction and the spring which holds it in its place, is against a babbitted face in the mandrel box."
  • "Theoretically a babbitted journal bearing has an infinite life."