Definition of "auntie" [aunt•ie]

  • (noun) Informal Aunt.

Use "auntie" in a sentence

  • "Later, my auntie refused to tell me Ba's real narne because he left her That was my auntie'& revenge."
  • ""I wanted to see the naughty spot on it," answered mamma, "I heard it call auntie a _name_ just now, and I wanted to tell you if I ever heard it call any one that again, I should put something on the spot to cure the naughtiness.""
  • "Your auntie is going over to Merrybrow Hall to-morrow to inquire about this little Master Phil from my Lady Lavander, for we think it's at one of her ladyship's farms that he and his nurse are staying, and if she hears that he's a nice-mannered little gentleman, and comes of good parents – why, missie, there's no saying but that you'll get leave to play with him as much as you like."

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