Definition of "aught" []

  • Anything whatever: "Neither of his parents had aught but praise for him” ( Louis Auchincloss). (pronoun)
  • Archaic In any respect; at all. (adverb)
  • A cipher; zero. (noun)
  • Archaic Nothing. (noun)
  • Anything at all; anything whatever (esp in the phrase for aught I know) (pronoun)

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  • In any least part; to any degree (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "aught" in a sentence
  • ""Is there aught," she panted, "_aught_ that could come between your soul and mine?""
  • "Cause his mum didn't have no money to dress him in aught but a suit of rags, stitched up from scraps of handmedowns and castoffs what had been worn to nothing and chucked away."
  • "Drunken with the wine of success deep-quaffed, without superstition and without faith in aught but its own ascendant star, laughing at the wreckage of science and mad with pride of race, it went forth upon the way of war."