Definition of "atrocious" [a•tro•cious]

  • (adjective) Extremely evil or cruel; monstrous: an atrocious crime.
  • (adjective) Exceptionally bad; abominable: atrocious decor; atrocious behavior.

Use "atrocious" in a sentence

  • "'On my life, Stanley, I'll acquaint Mr. Wylder this evening with what you meditate, and the atrocious liberty you presume -- yes, Sir, though you are my brother, the _atrocious liberty_ you dare to take with my name -- unless you promise, upon your honour, now and here, to dismiss for ever the odious and utterly resultless scheme.'"
  • "During the campaign it was revealed that Whitman herself had not voted for 28 years, a record she described as "atrocious" and had ruthlessly dumped her longtime housekeeper when it emerged she was an illegal alien - and consequently a political liability."
  • "Saloniki & joined other POW's in atrocious conditions, & after some time there, we were loaded into cattle trucks, 40 to a truck."

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