Definition of "assad" []

  • Hafiz al (ˈhafɪz æl). 1928–2000, Syrian statesman and general; president of Syria (1971–2000) (noun)
  • His son, Bashar al (bæʃə æl). born 1965, Syrian statesman; president of Syria from 2000 (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "December 11th, 2009 4: 16pm - you never mentioned to henry that president assad is a member of the north London synagogue and regularly takes on the role of shamas. phil"
  • "Sxybritguy10: they also took the piss out of u 4 callin assad * bashad *"
  • "They are always champing at the bit to condemn democracies who generally follow due process, but ignore scum like mugabe, assad, arafat, etc."
  • "Labels: abuse of power, assad, chavez, electoral fraud posted by Daniel Permalink 1:44 PM"
  • "Patrick Seale: About Hafez al Asad video tributo for president hafez assad video tributo for president hafez assad"