Definition of "armor" [ar•mor]

  • (noun) A defensive covering, as of metal, wood, or leather, worn to protect the body against weapons.
  • (noun) A tough, protective covering, such as the bony scales covering certain animals or the metallic plates on tanks or warships.
  • (noun) A safeguard or protection: faith, the missionary's armor.
  • (noun) The combat arm that deploys armored vehicles, such as tanks.
  • (noun) The armored vehicles of an army.

Use "armor" in a sentence

  • "Where we do see cracks in armor is in new-home construction, both in single-family sales and condos."
  • "Any chink in the armor is to be avoided at all costs; it will just turn up on YouTube and everyone will laugh at you."
  • "We knew the Kindle's DRM would be cracked the minute we heard about it, and it looks like the first chink in the armor is here courtesy of Igor Skochinsky: he's discovered the algorithm the Kindle uses to turn regular Mobipocket books into Amazon's proprietary. azw format."

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