Definition of "aristocracies" []

  • Plural form of aristocracy. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "aristocracies" in a sentence
  • "But free states and aristocracies are mostly destroyed from want of a fixed administration of public affairs; the cause of which evil arises at first from want of a due mixture of the democratic and the oligarchic parts in a free state; and in an aristocracy from the same causes, and also from virtue not being properly joined to power; but chiefly from the two first, I mean the undue mixture of the democratic and oligarchic parts; for these two are what all free states endeavour to blend together, and many of those which we call aristocracies, in this particular these states differ from each other, and on this account the one of them is less stable than the other, for that state which inclines most to an oligarchy is called an aristocracy, and that which inclines most to a democracy is called a free state; on which account this latter is more secure than the former, for the wider the foundation the securer the building, and it is ever best to live where equality prevails."
  • "Only in aristocracies do citizens allow a select group lavish benefits."
  • ""The things we call aristocracies and reigning houses are the last places to look for masterful men."