Definition of "argument" []

  • A discussion in which disagreement is expressed; a debate. (noun)
  • A quarrel; a dispute. (noun)
  • Archaic A reason or matter for dispute or contention: "sheath'd their swords for lack of argument” ( Shakespeare). (noun)
  • A course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating truth or falsehood: presented a careful argument for extraterrestrial life. (noun)
  • A fact or statement put forth as proof or evidence; a reason: The current low mortgage rates are an argument for buying a house now. (noun)
  • A quarrel; altercation (noun)

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  • A discussion in which reasons are put forward in support of and against a proposition, proposal, or case; debate (noun)
  • A point or series of reasons presented to support or oppose a proposition (noun)
  • A summary of the plot or subject of a book, etc (noun)
  • A process of deductive or inductive reasoning that purports to show its conclusion to be true (noun)
  • Formally, a sequence of statements one of which is the conclusion and the remainder the premises (noun)
  • An obsolete name for the middle term of a syllogism (noun)
  • An element to which an operation, function, predicate, etc, applies, esp the independent variable of a function (noun)
  • The amplitude of a complex number (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "argument" in a sentence
  • "From this perspective, Russell's argument might seem akin to the ˜argument™ that calculus has eliminated the variable, because the word does not appear in the equations!"
  • "III. i.3 (276,7) [an absent argument] An _argument_ is used for the"
  • "Concerntug the v* - trade* the force of my argument goes no farther than this; — that its Juppftfliou, by the ISrihfli government only, other nations continuing the trade as ufua\ % who would of cotirfe felSC on what we funender, would anfwer the purpofes of humanity, cither to the negroes tn Africa, or to thofe already in the Weft Indies; and I have quoted* in fupport of this opinion, the authoiitiesof men (naval commander! and others) who arc intimately acquainted with the trade, though no ways intended in its continuance; and I have not yet met with any evidence or argument* to Kivtttdate their testimony."