Definition of "aqueous" []

  • Relating to, similar to, containing, or dissolved in water; watery. (adjective)
  • Geology Formed from matter deposited by water, as certain sedimentary rocks. (adjective)

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Use "aqueous" in a sentence
  • ""It may seem fantastic, but the fact that in aqueous solution, [the] water component can be slowly supercooled to the glassy state and warmed back without the crystallization implies that, in principle, if the suitable cryoprotectant is created, cells in plants and living matter could withstand a large supercooling and survive," Bogdan explained."
  • "With the help of the Marcus model we have understood why, for example, iron ions in aqueous solution exchange electrons slowly."
  • "If yellow hexacyanoferrate (II) is mixed with Fe (III) chloride in aqueous solution, 'Prussian blue' is formed."