Definition of "apriority" [a•pri•or•i•ty]

  • The quality or state of being known a priori (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "apriority" in a sentence
  • "But as the philosopher Morton White has pointed out, Dewey nevertheless played a little fast and loose with apriority: In his Logic [: The Theory of Inquiry, 1938] Dewey makes a distinction between what he calls "existential" and "ideational" propositions which resembles that between synthetic and analytic statements."
  • "Mrs Obama and Mrs. Biden both said military families are apriority to them, maybe we should send letters to their offices telling them how that would affect our families."
  • "However, Disneyinsists that big event films like 20,000 Leagues,John Carter of Mars and Tron are still apriority to new chief Rich Ross."