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Definition of "apriorism" [a•pri•o•rism]

  • The idea that some knowledge of the physical world can be derived logically from general principles. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "apriorism" in a sentence
  • "It will help to make intelligible the subtle and variable theories which follow, if it be premised that the Scholastics are apt to puzzle readers by mixing up with their philosophy of reason a real or apparent apriorism, which is called Augustinianism, Platonism, or"
  • "The fact that man does not have the creative power to imagine categories at variance with the fundamental logical relations and with the principles of causality and teleology enjoins upon us what may be called methodological apriorism."
  • "Without mentioning Russell or Helmholtz, Reichenbach takes general relativity to have refuted both Poincaré's geometrical conventionalism and Kant's geometrical apriorism."