Definition of "apparition" []

  • A ghostly figure; a specter. (noun)
  • A sudden or unusual sight: "[The designer's] indoor-outdoor reversals and juxtapositions call forth a Magritte apparition beneath a Miami moon” ( Herbert Muschamp). (noun)
  • The act of appearing; appearance. (noun)
  • An appearance, esp of a ghost or ghostlike figure (noun)

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  • The figure so appearing; phantom; spectre (noun)
  • The act of appearing or being visible (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "apparition" in a sentence
  • "At other moments in the narrative, the haunting of the apparition is achieved solely through the powers of the voice — en route to the Villa Altieri, for example, a voice entirely lacking in any visually identifiable origin emanates as if from nowhere, at once betraying the uncanny presence of Vivaldi's ghostly companion as well as maintaining his invisibility:"
  • "These aren't pluralizations, which should be obvious from the examples. (e.g. the plural of apparition is apparitions.)"
  • "The visual aspect is not all of it—hence the misleading term apparition."