Definition of "apocryphal" []

  • Of questionable authorship or authenticity. (adjective)
  • Erroneous; fictitious: "Wildly apocryphal rumors about starvation in Petrograd . . . raced through Russia's trenches” ( W. Bruce Lincoln). (adjective)
  • Bible Of or having to do with the Apocrypha. (adjective)

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Use "apocryphal" in a sentence
  • "The term apocryphal in connection with special Gospels must be understood as bearing no more unfavourable an import than"
  • "The original and proper sense of the term apocryphal as applied to the pretended sacred books was early obscured."
  • "The same is the opinion of the Jews respecting the other books, which we call apocryphal, as is manifest from all the copies of the Hebrew Bible extant; for, undoubtedly if they believed that any of these books were canonical, they would give them a place in their sacred volume."