Definition of "anti-militarism" [anti-militarism]

  • A doctrine that opposes war, relying heavily on a critical theory of nationalism and imperialism. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "anti-militarism" in a sentence
  • "In a broader sense: the regimes in Egypt and Peru rejected internationalism, atheism, anti-militarism, and the idea of inevitable class conflict, which are elements of classical Marxism, even as they borrowed a lot of semi-Marxist economic ideas."
  • "Biographical Information: Emma Goldman was a radical anarchist who lectured and wrote about sexual and reproductive freedoms, workers 'and women's rights, civil liberties, and anti-militarism."
  • "In contrast to contemporary feminist anti-militarist pronouncements that the logical outcome of women's innate pacifism is abstention and objection to all wars, Parren presented a hybrid archetype which carefully fused the anti-militarism embodied in the 'Moral Mother' (although she at no point articulated it as such or used the term herself) and the strength and independence of the 'Just Warrior' into a unified personality."
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