Definition of "anti-intellectualism" []

  • A sentiment of hostility towards, or mistrust of, intellectuals and intellectual pursuits. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "anti-intellectualism" in a sentence
  • "They maintained orthodox Protestant beliefs, but shed the anti-intellectualism and insularity that had come to characterize fundamentalists in the wake of their post-Scopes withdrawal."
  • "Prescriptivism in the strange fiction genres is ideally situated to act as carrier of anti-intellectualism and classism, with advocates of more commercial fiction decreeing complex works “improper” and advocates of more complex fiction decreeing commercial works “improper”, each opponent of “elitist wank” or “populist trash” ironically engendering a counter-response that abjects them as a “pleb” or a “snob”."
  • "Gawd, the anti-intellectualism in here is thick tonight."