Definition of "anent" []

  • Regarding; concerning: "This question remains a vital consideration anent the debate over the possibility of limiting nuclear war to military objectives” ( New York Times). (preposition)

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Use "anent" in a sentence
  • "Though I cannot admire his style, I admire the man who wrote to me, ‘Re Tennyson—your remarks anent his In Memoriam make me sick’: for though re is not a preposition of the first water, and ‘anent’ has enjoyed its day, the finish crowned the work."
  • "She pursued, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when the Frank asked Nur al-Din anent the maker of the kerchief, he answered, saying, “In very sooth this kerchief is the handiwork of my mother, who made it for me with her own hand.”"
  • "It meant twice the usual number of inside telephone calls anent rooms too hot, rooms too cold, radiators hammering, radiators hissing, windows that refused to open, windows that refused to shut, packages undelivered, hot water not forthcoming."