Definition of "analytic" []

  • Of or relating to analysis or analytics. (adjective)
  • Dividing into elemental parts or basic principles. (adjective)
  • Reasoning or acting from a perception of the parts and interrelations of a subject: "Many of the most serious pianists have turned toward more analytic playing, with a renewed focus on the architecture and ideas of music” ( Annalyn Swan). (adjective)
  • Expert in or using analysis, especially in thinking: an analytic mind; an analytic approach. See Synonyms at logical. (adjective)
  • Logic Following necessarily; tautologous: an analytic truth. (adjective)
  • Relating to analysis (adjective)

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  • Capable of or given to analysing (adjective)
  • Denoting languages, such as Chinese, whose morphology is characterized by analysis (adjective)
  • True by virtue of the meanings of the words alone without reference to the facts, as all spinsters are unmarried (adjective)
  • True or false by virtue of meaning alone; so all spinsters are married is analytically false (adjective)
  • (of a function of a complex variable) having a derivative at each point of its domain (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "analytic" in a sentence
  • "In particular, Professor Dyson concludes that I believe that only research which "reduces complicated phenomena to their simpler component parts," what he calls analytic science, "is worthy of the name of science.""
  • "I am by no means well-read enough in analytic philosophy to assess these posts in technical terms, although I do think I know enough to follow along and perhaps make a few comments from a purely literary perspective."
  • "In order to explore these questions we must at least separate the clearly analytic from the synthetic propositions."