Definition of "ammonia" []

  • A colorless, pungent gas, NH3, extensively used to manufacture fertilizers and a wide variety of nitrogen-containing organic and inorganic chemicals. (noun)
  • See ammonium hydroxide. (noun)
  • A colourless pungent highly soluble gas mainly used in the manufacture of fertilizers, nitric acid, and other nitrogenous compounds, and as a refrigerant and solvent. Formula: NH3 (noun)

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  • A solution of ammonia in water, containing the compound ammonium hydroxide (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "Thus, for instance, all those salts which are formed by the combination of the sulphuric acid with any of the salifiable bases are called _sulphats_, and the name of the radical is added for the specific distinction of the salt; if it be potash, it will compose a _sulphat of potash_; if ammonia, _sulphat of ammonia_,  &c."
  • "“Where mixed alkalies and superphosphate,” said the Doctor, “are added to the ammonia, the increase _from the ammonia_ is far greater than where ammonia is used alone."
  • "A special type of rock salt found at Siwa valued for its chemical properties was known far and wide as the salt of Ammon—thus our term ammonia."