Definition of "algiers" []

  • The capital of Algeria, an ancient port on the Mediterranean; until 1830 a centre of piracy. Pop: 3 260 000 (2005 est) (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

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  • "(Three players from algeria team wounded when their bus is hit by a hail of stones from egypt fans, the attack is apparently planned by the algerian team, fans in algeria retort with vandalism in algiers.)"
  • "PARIS - About 10,000 Algerians attended a rally in the capital algiers called by the main opposition groups to press the government to accept proposals for a political solution to the country's undeclared civil war."
  • "Castro once again extolled the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people, saying that Cuba and algiers are dutybound to struggle to stimulate and to set an example for other countries."
  • "I am plainly leaded to it, he bank secured, the algiers of the buy romania and of cosmetics conjunction and additions blatant is as surreal to the silly as it is to the perspectives or skill."
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