Definition of "alf" []

  • An uncultivated Australian (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "alf" in a sentence
  • ""Take hoff 'alf the batteries," suggested Jarvis, "'alf's a plenty."
  • ""I dunno that he thought much about it; he spent 'alf' is time in the public, 'e did."
  • "Yes | No | Report from efgumby wrote 18 weeks 3 days ago enjoying the free speech, caroline? tell your alf and peta buddys about it ... explain it in short and easy to understand language. why dont you go take your unregulated compassion to animals that are truly endangered and could actually use your misplaced energy, like the giant pandas or the detroit lions?"
  • "The other h alf, therefore, or at least the greater part of them, can be employed in providing other things, or in satisfying the other wants and fancies of mankind ..."