Definition of "agonist" []

  • One involved in a struggle or competition. (noun)
  • Physiology A contracting muscle that is resisted or counteracted by another muscle, the antagonist. (noun)
  • Biochemistry A drug or other chemical that can combine with a receptor on a cell to produce a physiologic reaction typical of a naturally occurring substance. (noun)

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Use "agonist" in a sentence
  • "In Western anatomy, these are called agonist and antagonist muscle groups, but I call them balancing muscle groups."
  • "I paid homage in my review to A.J. Clark for his pioneering work in developing receptor theory, I took issue with his hypothesis that response of a tissue to an agonist is proportional to the fraction of receptors occupied by the agonist."
  • "For example, I derived theoretical equations to illustrate how removal of the agonist from the region of the receptor by active uptake or enzymatic destruction could markedly alter the slope of"