Definition of "affaire" []

  • A usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "affaire" in a sentence
  • "Many individuals have been examined in relation to this most extraordinary and frightful affair, "[The word 'affaire' has not yet, in France, that levity of import which it conveys with us]" but nothing whatever has transpired to throw light upon We give below all the material testimony elicited."
  • "The "affaire," as it was universally known, was only once referred to in the German Parliament, in January, 1898, when Chancellor von Bülow declared "in the most positive way possible" that there had "never been any traffic or relations of any kind whatsoever between Dreyfus and any German authority," adding that the alleged finding of an official German communication in the wastepaper basket of the German"
  • "He had to give up the idea of obtaining the 'ordonnance de non-lieu', and to tell himself that the 'affaire' would come before the assizes; but it does not follow that one is condemned for what one is accused of, and"