Definition of "aden" [aden]

  • Same as Eden. (noun)
  • Same as adeno-. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "aden" in a sentence
  • "Ma'aden's $5.5 billion endeavor promises to make the kingdom the world's largest exporter of diammonium phosphate, a fertilizer."
  • "Ma'aden's Mr. Dabbagh, standing in front of a big map of the kingdom in his Riyadh office, traces how a new railroad line under construction will bring tons of bauxite, phosphates and magnesite from the mine to the Persian Gulf city of Ras az Zwar."
  • "We have used the downturn to improve our position with a better portfolio with better costs and with future growth like Ma'aden which is substantially going to increase our competitiveness."