Definition of "acting" []

  • Temporarily assuming the duties or authority of another. See Synonyms at temporary. (adjective)
  • That contains directions for use in a dramatic performance: the play's acting text. (adjective)
  • That is appropriate for dramatic performance: an acting comedy. (adjective)
  • The occupation of an actor or actress. (noun)
  • Performance as an actor or actress. (noun)
  • Taking on duties temporarily, esp as a substitute for another (adjective)

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  • Operating or functioning (adjective)
  • Intended for stage performance; provided with directions for actors (adjective)
  • The art or profession of an actor (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "acting" in a sentence
  • "For, in truth, he is not acting in his own interest but in that of a third person, who has yet to come into existence, albeit he is under the impression that he is acting in his own But it is this very _acting in some one else's interest_ which is everywhere the stamp of greatness and gives to passionate love the touch of the sublime, making it a worthy subject for the poet."
  • "(acting normally on the advice _acting on advice of Irish of Irish Cabinet?), but subject Cabinet_, but subject to to instructions from Imperial instructions from Imperial"
  • "There are some fairly creepy set pieces but nothing really stands out, the acting is average, the plot is hackneyed and derivative, the direction is average."