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Definition of "acta" []

  • Acts. Specifically
  • Proceedings in a legal or an ecclesiastical court, or minutes of such proceedings.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "acta" in a sentence
  • "Suetonius (Caes. 20) has this account: "_Inito honore, primus omnium instituit, ut tam Senatus quam populi diurna acta conficerentur et publicarentur_," which seems naturally to imply that the people's _acta_ had been published every day before Caesar's consulship, and that he did the same thing for the _acta_ of the senate."
  • "However, I still need to go to the municipal tesoreria and stand in line for a few hours to pay a few pesos to buy a permission to stand in line to find out when the agente will return to certify the acta from the ministerio publico so that I can turn it over to the insurance company."
  • "Some of the libellatici, who forwarded to the authorities documents drawn up concerning their real or alleged sacrifices and bearing their signatures, were also called acta facientes."