Definition of "accession" []

  • The attainment of a dignity or rank: the queen's accession to the throne. (noun)
  • Something that has been acquired or added; an acquisition. (noun)
  • An increase by means of something added. (noun)
  • Law The addition to or increase in value of property by means of improvements or natural growth. (noun)
  • Law The right of a proprietor to ownership of such addition or increase. (noun)
  • The act of entering upon or attaining to an office, right, condition, etc (noun)

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  • An increase due to an addition (noun)
  • An addition, as to a collection (noun)
  • An addition to land or property by natural increase or improvement (noun)
  • The owner's right to the increased value of such land (noun)
  • The formal acceptance of a convention or treaty (noun)
  • Agreement; consent (noun)
  • To make a record of (additions to a collection) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "accession" in a sentence
  • "The prospect of Jang's accession is a less than comforting thought."
  • "Brussels needs to accept that EU accession is no longer the galvanizing reform force in Ukraine."
  • "To the Gentiles, some of all nations, that should be converted to Christ, and so added to his church, which, though a spiritual accession, is often in prophecy represented by a local motion."