Definition of "accent" []

  • The relative prominence of a particular syllable of a word by greater intensity or by variation or modulation of pitch or tone. (noun)
  • Vocal prominence or emphasis given to a particular syllable, word, or phrase. (noun)
  • A characteristic pronunciation, especially: (noun)
  • One determined by the regional or social background of the speaker. (noun)
  • One determined by the phonetic habits of the speaker's native language carried over to his or her use of another language. (noun)
  • The characteristic mode of pronunciation of a person or group, esp one that betrays social or geographical origin (noun)

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  • The relative prominence of a spoken or sung syllable, esp with regard to stress or pitch (noun)
  • A mark (such as ˈ, ˌ, ´ or `) used in writing to indicate the stress or prominence of a syllable. Such a mark may also be used to indicate that a written syllable is to be pronounced, esp when such pronunciation is not usual, as in turnèd (noun)
  • Any of various marks or symbols conventionally used in writing certain languages to indicate the quality of a vowel, or for some other purpose, such as differentiation of homographs (noun)
  • (in some languages, such as Chinese) any of the tones that have phonemic value in distinguishing one word from another (noun)
  • Rhythmic stress in verse or prose (noun)
  • Stress placed on certain notes in a piece of music, indicated by a symbol printed over the note concerned (noun)
  • The rhythmic pulse of a piece or passage, usually represented as the stress on the first beat of each bar (noun)
  • Either of two superscript symbols indicating a specific unit, such as feet (′), inches (″), minutes of arc (′), or seconds of arc (″) (noun)
  • A distinctive characteristic of anything, such as taste, pattern, style, etc (noun)
  • Particular attention or emphasis (noun)
  • A strongly contrasting detail (noun)
  • To mark with an accent in writing, speech, music, etc (verb)
  • To lay particular emphasis or stress on (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "accent" in a sentence
  • "I tend to think of the term accent as used sometimes as a non-technical word for dialect, or as something used to talk about the speech of those speaking in a second or third or what have you language."
  • "Look at people like Henry Kissinger whose command of English far exceeds that of a majority of Americans, yet his accent is atrocious and he has never been able to improve upon it."
  • "Tommy -- I speak with a strong twang when I've been home for a while or when I'm on the phone with friends and family who are still in TX, but otherwise I don't think my accent is all that strong."