Definition of "abstraction" []

  • The act of abstracting or the state of having been abstracted. (noun)
  • An abstract concept, idea, or term. (noun)
  • An abstract quality. (noun)
  • Preoccupation; absent-mindedness. (noun)
  • An abstract work of art. (noun)
  • Absence of mind; preoccupation (noun)

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  • The process of formulating generalized ideas or concepts by extracting common qualities from specific examples (noun)
  • An idea or concept formulated in this way (noun)
  • An operator that forms a class name or predicate from any given expression (noun)
  • An abstract painting, sculpture, etc (noun)
  • The act of withdrawing or removing (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "abstraction" in a sentence
  • "Under the rubric of water resource development, dam building and river fragmentation are the main factors threatening biodiversity, while water abstraction is the main threat to human water security."
  • "Boundaries are ubiquitous, and I am convinced the ability to detect boundaries/edges at ever higher levels of abstraction is the key to real fluid intelligence and concept formation."
  • "Every level of abstraction is accurate, new, useful, and nonobvious."