Definition of "ablaze" []

  • Being on fire: The house is ablaze. (adjective)
  • Radiant with bright color: a maple tree ablaze in autumn. (adjective)
  • Fervent or excited. (adjective)
  • On fire; burning (adverb)

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  • Brightly illuminated (adverb)
  • Emotionally aroused (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "ablaze" in a sentence
  • "Even if you gulp a glass of butter milk after it you will remain ablaze for the next 24hrs."
  • "Later there will be fireworks, her name ablaze: MARCELLA."
  • "To my shame a reputation bent or maimed defamed the image staid, and disrepute disgraced my case, plagued with infamy and ill repute, a name ablaze by imputation as a most unsavoury reputation won or lost or never claimed."