Definition of "ab" [ab]

  • (noun) Slang An abscess caused by injecting an illegal drug, usually heroin.
  • (noun) Slang An abdominal muscle. Often used in the plural.

Use "ab" in a sentence

  • "= Similar instrumental uses of _ab_ at _Her_ X 138 'tunicas lacrimis sicut _ab imbre_ graues', _AA_ III 545 'ingenium placida mollitur _ab arte_', _Met_ I 65-66 'contraria tellus/nubibus assiduis pluuiaque madescit ab Austro', _Met_ IV 162-63 'pectus ... adhuc _a caede_ tepebat', and _Fast_ V 323 'caelum nigrescit _ab Austris_'."
  • ""Middel-erd for mon wes mad," is English, and is interesting as copying not the least intricate of the _trouvère_ measures -- an eleven-line stanza of eight sevens or sixes, rhymed _ab, ab, ab, ab, c, b, c_; but moral-religious in tone and much alliterated."
  • "He meets some friends at the temple of Tellus by appointment with the sacristan, "_ab_ aeditimo, _ut dicere didicimus a patribus nostris; ut corrigimur ab recentibus urbanis, ab_ aedituo.""

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