Definition of "a.h." []

  • An exclamation expressing pleasure, pain, sympathy, etc, according to the intonation of the speaker (exclamation) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "a.h." in a sentence
  • "So now I have to wonder too if perhaps the rise of the internet review is affecting whether people read reviews before they buy something in a brick-and-mortar store. — a.h. February 25, 2008 11: 04 am"
  • "Physician Woritak was sitting in a swivel chair behind a desk that bore a nameplate saying a.h. white, duty officer."
  • "In front of the lens is the aqueous humour (a.h.)."
  • "Another historical version attributes the destruction of Zaidan and adjoining cities to Taimur Lang (Tamerlane) or Taimur the lame (a.h. 736-785), father of Shah Rukh whose barbarous soldiery, as some traditions will have it, were alone responsible for the pillage of Zaidan city and the devastation of all Sistan."
  • "Shah Rukh and his successors (a.h. 853-873), after which revolutions seem to have been rampant for some sixty years, until Shah Ismail Safavi conquered Khorassan and the neighbouring countries, founding a powerful dynasty which reigned up to the year a.h. 1135."