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Use "a-ok" in a sentence
  • "Said friend has clarified that he's a-ok with sexual content, too."
  • "TNR, on the other hand, is not serious; its domestic liberalism is a joke, and its discussion of ethics in foreign affairs is vitiated of any seriousness by its hypocrisy (eg, collective punishment of Israeli civilians is abhorrent; collective punishment of Palestinian civilians is a-ok)."
  • "It's even a-ok to decorate the walls with underage, semi-naked predators, armed to the gums with bows and sharp projectiles."
  • "Why would it be a-ok to keep Israel contiguous at the expense of the contiguity of a Palestinian state?"
  • "Of course Japanese wanting Japan to be majority Japanese, or Nigeria wanting to be majority Nigerian is a-ok, but if a western country wants to be majority white?"
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