Definition of "zygophyllum" [zygophyllum]

  • A genus of plants, type of the order Zygophylleæ. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "zygophyllum" in a sentence
  • "Large logs of zygophyllum and caesalpinia* are thrown into the river and carried down by the stream, while the owners of the wood swim here and there to float the pieces that are stopped by the windings of the banks."
  • "At the foot of the capparis, the bauhinia, and the zygophyllum with flowers of a golden yellow, there extends a carpet of"
  • "The plain appeared covered principally with the _zygophyllum Californicum_, already mentioned; and the line of our road was marked by the skeletons of horses, which were strewed to considerable breadth over the plain."
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