Definition of "zygomaticotemporal" [zygomaticotemporal]

  • Relating to the zygomatic bone and temples. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "zygomaticotemporal" in a sentence
  • "Near the center of this surface is the zygomaticotemporal foramen for the transmission of the zygomaticotemporal nerve."
  • "On it are seen the orifices of two canals, the zygomatico√∂rbital foramina; one of these canals opens into the temporal fossa, the other on the malar surface of the bone; the former transmits the zygomaticotemporal, the latter the zygomaticofacial nerve."
  • "The Temporal Branches (rami temporales) cross the zygomatic arch to the temporal region, supplying the Auriculares anterior and superior, and joining with the zygomaticotemporal branch of the maxillary, and with the auriculotemporal branch of the mandibular."