Definition of "zydeco" [zydeco]

  • (noun) Popular music of southern Louisiana that combines French dance melodies, elements of Caribbean music, and the blues, played by small groups featuring the guitar, the accordion, and a washboard.

Use "zydeco" in a sentence

  • "The term zydeco was coined right there in Studio A when Hugh Moe misunderstood a song's name ( "Zologo") and wrote it down as "zydeco.""
  • "Just like the blues, zydeco is a genuinely American style of music, but unlike the blues, it never gained much of an exposure - despite the occasional hit single or the occasional brief spark of interest because of some movie."
  • "And then he will impart how he codified the spelling of the word "zydeco," how he met the hobo Henry "Ragtime Texas" Thomas (one of the earliest-born and most scholarly-vital African-¬≠American musicians ever to record) on the street near Annunciation church downtown on a blustery winter's day."

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