Definition of "zuz" [zuz]

  • (noun) An ancient Hebrew silver coin.

Use "zuz" in a sentence

  • "It's got lots of synthy zuz-zuz-zuz and electro-grooves, and despite a co-star list that D.W. Griffith would be proud of, the production seems too monogamous when a little infidelity might have jazzed things up a bit."
  • "In a similar vein it is said of her sons that “one of them could carry two sides of a huge ox which cost one thousand zuz and walk with them, heel to toe [up the altar ramp to the altar] …” (BT Sukkah 52b)."
  • "Ikkar ketubbah (the “main” sum of the ketubbah): to pay his wife the sum of 200 zuz (if she was a virgin when they married) or 100 zuz (if she was not a virgin, e.g. if she was a widow or divorcée), in the event that he divorces her."