Definition of "zu" [zu]

  • Evil storm god represented as a black bird (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "zu" in a sentence
  • "To be sure, when one says "komm, ich knöpfs dir zu" (come, I will button it for you), the child comes, and says, as an echo, _ich knöpfs dir zu_ (I will button it for you), evidently meaning,"
  • ""e wo zu" or "zum zu wozu" or "we" and so on -- letters with which it is rarely possible to put together even such small words as _wo_ (= where) or _zu_ (= to, or for) and the longer one persists on such occasions, the more senseless her remarks become; it is the rarest thing for her to suddenly pull herself together so as to give a proper answer."
  • "There was one line of verse that had survived: Das ist was es ist allein zu sein."
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