Definition of "yachty" [yachty]

  • (noun) A yachtsman or yachtswoman
  • (adjective) of or relating to yachts

Use "yachty" in a sentence

  • "Fiona would insist on going to Portofino, or St. Trop, or Sete, where one or other of her yachty friends would have a double berth just going begging, darling, do come, it'll be such fun."
  • "The Lucie was perhaps seventy feet long and a most attractive craft, with a hull yachty in appearance and of a type which could safely make long runs along the coast, a stanch, seaworthy boat, of course without the speed of the regularly designed yacht, but more than making up in comfort for those on board what was lost in that way."
  • "Despite his experience, the yachty refuses to give up sailing."

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