Definition of "xanthoma" [‖Xan•tho•ma]

  • (noun) A yellowish-orange, lipid-filled nodule or papule in the skin, often on an eyelid or over a joint.
  • (noun) the presence in the skin of fatty yellow or brownish plaques or nodules, esp on the eyelids, caused by a disorder of lipid metabolism

Use "xanthoma" in a sentence

  • "In a case of Sangster, reported by Politzer, although most of the dermoids, as usual, were like fibroma-nodules and therefore the color of normal skin, those over the mastoid processes and clavicle were lemon-yellow, and were generally thought to be xanthoma until they were excised, and Politzer found they were typical dermoid cysts with the usual contents of degenerated epithelium and hair."
  • "In some cases (_xanthoma diabeticorum_) of general xanthoma diabetes is the causative factor."
  • "#Describe the clinical appearances of xanthoma planum."

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