Definition of "xanthin" [xan•thin]

  • (noun) Alternative spelling of xanthine.
  • (noun) any of a group of yellow or orange carotene derivatives that occur in the fruit and flowers of certain plants

Use "xanthin" in a sentence

  • "Pasteurized process cheese spread: A pasteurized process cheese food that may contain a sweetener plus stabilizing and thickening gums such as xanthin or carrageenan."
  • "Others, however, are of the opinion that the amount of xanthin present in the bran is so small as not to be considered, especially when, by the removal of the xanthin, valuable mineral matter is also removed."
  • "But in opposition to these views Dr. Haig thinks that as the outer brown husk of all cereals contains some xanthin, it should on this account be removed."

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