Definition of "vacuolated" [vac•u•o•la•ted]

  • Containing vacuoles or a vacuole. (adjective)

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Use "vacuolated" in a sentence
  • "Sap vacuoles must be distinguished from spores, on the one hand, and the vacuolated appearance due to plasmolysis, on the other."
  • "With the notochord he homologised the supporting rod in the proboscis of _Balanoglossus_, which like the notochord arises from the dorsal wall of the archenteron, and has a vacuolated structure."
  • "Owing to some unknown cause these little organisms are gathered together in the large vacuolated cells of the salivary glands of the mosquito, and when the mosquito bites a man or any other animal they pour down through the ducts with the secretion and are thus again introduced in the circulation."