Definition of "vacantly" [va•cant•ly]

  • (adverb) In a vacant manner; inanely or foolishly.
  • (adjective) without any contents; empty
  • (adjective) devoid (of something specified)
  • (adjective) having no incumbent; unoccupied
  • (adjective) having no tenant or occupant
  • (adjective) characterized by or resulting from lack of thought or intelligent awareness
  • (adjective) (of time, etc) not allocated to any activity
  • (adjective) spent in idleness or inactivity
  • (adjective) (of an estate, etc) having no heir or claimant

Use "vacantly" in a sentence

  • "Wanless, answered enquiries as to Ingram's behaviour under what Mrs. Percival otiosely called "his bereavement," echoed speculations at to his whereabouts -- played, in short, vacantly an empty part, and kept her mother upon tenterhooks."
  • "At this point the imagery begins to repeat itself in different iterations, as it will for the rest of the novel: The man is at the station where the woman is now looking at him "vacantly"; the dog appears again, blocking his path; he walks along the street, where "a cyclist is trying to pedal along," the fish in his saddle bag now joined by a loaf of bread on top of it."
  • "Now that they were together for the first time in a distinctly social fashion, he found himself vacantly, meaninglessly silent, content to walk beside this charming, summery presence, brushed by its delicate draperies, and inhaling its freshness."

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