Definition of "ulceration" [ul•cer•a•tion]

  • (noun) Development of an ulcer.
  • (noun) An ulcer or an ulcerous condition.

Use "ulceration" in a sentence

  • "-- The condition usually known as ulceration of the womb, is not what is commonly termed ulceration elsewhere, but would be more properly termed abrasion, or erosion."
  • "The form of ulceration which is presented by cancer in its latest stages bears so great a resemblance to suppurative ulceration that the two things have long since been compared."
  • "What remorse and useless regrets add to the misery of their wretched existence as they daily watch the progress of a malignant ulceration which is destroying their organs of speech, or burrowing deep into the recesses of the skull, penetrating even to the brain itself!"

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