Definition of "ulcerating" [ulcerating]

  • (verb) Present participle of ulcerate.

Use "ulcerating" in a sentence

  • "And even though this is manifested to the inner satisfaction of many a practitioner on an abundance of occasions, at least hopefully, there still is left behind a painful quagmire of frustration and ulcerating tedium that makes the more desirable aspirations lose their glory amidst the tensions and friction of the rocky path."
  • "What's going on here is that the stasis dermatitis ended up ulcerating on both ankles, a not unusual circumstance (I just found out that my maternal grandfather suffered from the same issue with dermatitis, and he used to end up with ulcerations constantly, so I guess I'm fortunate.)"
  • "Letting go in love can be the very best medicine for ulcerating wounds that refuse all healing."

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